Government of India Act of 1858 /1858 का भारत सरकार अधिनियम

After Regulating Act of 1773, Charter Acts of 1793, 1813, 1833 and 1853,  Pitt’s India Act of 1784, British Govt. enacted new Act i.e Government of India Act of 1858: This significant Act was enacted in the wake of the Revolt of 1857–also known as the First War of Independence or the ‘sepoy mutiny’. The act known Read More

1. जीव विज्ञानः एक परिचय (Introduction)

The branch of science under which organisms are studied is called biology. Aristotle has been called the father of biology. Any object that has some specific biological activity is called an object. The living beings have the following characteristics, on the basis of which we are able to clearly distinguish it from the non-living. Shape Read More