Branches of Biology (जीव विज्ञान की शाखाएँ)

जीव विज्ञान की शाखाएँ (Branches of Biology) : विज्ञान की शाखाओं ( Branches of Science ) में से एक जीव विज्ञान ( Biology ) है। इसकी दो उप-शाखायें : जंतु विज्ञान या प्राणिविज्ञान ( Zoology ): प्राणिविज्ञान (Zoology) विज्ञान की एक शाखा है, जिसमे जीवित एवं मृत प्राणियों या जंतुओं का अध्ययन होता है। इसके Read More

8. श्वसन Respiration

Respiration (श्वसन) Respiration is the complex process of biological cells taking place in several orderly phases at normal temperature of the body, under which the organic matter is oxidized by organic oxidation and gradually released energy in a phased manner. In human (as in most other animals) There are four major parts of respiration – Read More

7. पाचन तन्त्रा (Digestive System)

पाचन तन्त्रा (Digestive System) Why the digestive system : The food that we eat cannot be utilized as such in the body. It must be changed into a soluble absorbable form to get absorbed by the blood for distribution in the body. Certain foods, like cane-sugar are already soluble in water, but they require a Read More